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Episode 6: “A Golden Crown” – Synopsis

NOTE: I’M SO BEHIND.  OH GAWD.  I’m literally typing up the other one as we speak, I hope to get Episode 7 done by tonight and up as well.  Episode 8 will go up Thursday.  I’ve been so slammed by finals… I take my last one tomorrow morning and then I’ll be FREEEEE.

Here’s What Happened:

At Winterfell:

Bran has the dream again about the wolf statue and the raven with the third eye.  In Hinduism and Buddhism, the the third eye is a symbol of enlightenment, or a higher consciousness.  It is associated with visions, clairvoyance, precognition, and out-of-body-experiences.  Since the raven rests on the statue on the dire wolf, I’m imagining he will develop a connection with the wolves of a supernatural nature.  To be honest, his character has to be given something.  If he loses his legs (and is to remain a prominent character), he has to gain something else to make up for it and to remain relevant.  Tyrion makes up for his small stature with his wit and cunning.  It only seems fair that Bran gets supernatural powers. 😛

Anyways, Bran wakes up to good news… his special saddle is ready!  For the first time ever since the accident, he’s smiling again.

I forgot how cute he was.

While this is going on, Theon and Robb have a discussion about war.  Theon is urging him to go to war, but Robb is reluctant.  Robb tells him to butt out because Theon does not belong to House Stark.  They had to be extremely oblivious, because Bran then manages to ride off alone while they are having their super seious conversation.

In the few minutes that Bran is alone, he manages to get attacked by a small group of what I’m guessing are hill tribe people.  Robb comes to the rescue (of course) and kills a good amount of them. (Are all Stark men bamfs?)  However, one of them manages to get Bran by the throat.  Robb puts his sword down, and then Theon shoots the man dead with an arrow from behind.  I don’t really care for Theon, but that was pretty cool.  Robb isn’t as impressed, and Theon points out that he saved both of their lives… even if it was risky.  The elder Stark doesn’t have much to say to that.  The woman begs for her life, and in the true Stark fashion, Robb lets her live.

Across the Narrow Sea:

In her tent, Dany is contemplating her dragons eggs and decides to put one in burning coals.  She then decides that it will be a good idea to pick it back up when it is burning hot.  Her maid rushes in stop her and gets burned.  However, Danaerys remains un-burned.

That night, Danaerys under goes a Dothraki ritual where she must eat the heart of a horse  (much to Vicerys’ disgust).  If she throws even a little bit of it up, it’s apparantely a bad omen for the child.  She almost does barf it up, but manages to keep it down.  This turns Khal Drogo on, and a prophecy is made:  she will have a son that is a conqueror who will rise to become Khal of all Khals.

Hey, baby.

Vicerys is a little freaked out by this and by the devotion these people have to her.  He sneaks off into her tent to steal the dragon eggs in order to buy ships for the army.  Jorah follows him however, and prevents him from leaving.  He comments that he will never have the kind of devotion that Danaerys has.

“Who can rule without wealth, or fear, or love?”

Well, maybe if you weren’t such a LITTLE SHIT, Vicerys.

Jorah is unswayed, and refuses to let him leave with the eggs.  Vicerys is forced leave without them.

Later on during the celebratory feast, Vicerys stumbles in drunk looking for Danaerys and his seat.  Drogo tells him that his seat is in the back of the room.  Tired of being shoved aside, he gets furious and takes a sword to Dany’s belly, demanding his crown.  Drogo replies in Dothraki, and Dany translates:  He will give him a golden crown that men will tremble to behold.

That’s all he ever wanted, so Vicerys lowers his sword.

And Drogo gives him a golden crown.

"He is no dragon. Fire cannot kill a dragon."


At the Eyrie:

At the Eyrie, Tyrion has a rude awakening of sorts.


He quickly backs to the other end, looking only SLIGHTLY disturbed.  Clearly having enough of it, he call for Mord to reason with him.  After several quite hilariously failed attempts, Tyrion manages to convince him to deliver a message to Lysa is return for payment.  After all, a Lannister always pays his debts.  The message?  Tyrion is ready to confess his crimes.

As usual, something is up his sleeve and when he is finally granted appearance in court, he begins recouting his various ‘crimes’ he committed as a child, such as stealing women’s clothing, etc.  Lysa didn’t find it as amusing as I did.  Tyrion then asks for a trial (as it’s law), and Lysa decides to have her son judge it. Seeing that this would somehow go ary for him, he demands a trial by comabt.  Bronn is a smart man, and sees that there is fair amount of gold in it for him, so he volunteers to be Tyrion’s champion.  I love this guy.

A champion steps up for Lysa and they fight, with the knight going on full offensive while Bronn merely dodges and puts obstacles in the knight’s way until the guy gets tired.  You know, because he’s smart.  He then quickly finishes him and tosses the knight out the hole to his doom.  Tyrion and Bronn cheerfully leave much to Catelyn’s dismay, and Mord gets paid.

At King’s Landing:

Ned wakes up in King’s Landing to a very unhappy looking Robert.  And a smug Cersei.  Cersei and Ned start spitting back and forth, but by this point Robert is pretty fed up with it.  Ned asks to bring Jaime to justice, and Cersei decides that she can’t hold her tongue anymore.

“I should wear the armor.  And you the gown.”

So he smacks her across the face.  Honestly, at this point I have no sympathy for her.  In fact, I enjoyed it a little bit…

Not quite as satisfying as when Tyrion smacked Joffrey around.

Robert tells Ned to end the conflict.  Ned begs for justice, but Robert won’t do anything as ‘half the kingdom is in debt’ to to the Lannisters. Eddard Stark then asks to return to Winterfell, but Robert won’t hear of that either.  He tells Ned that he wants him to stay, and gives him back the pin.  Robert tells him that he will stand in for him while he is off hunting.

Oh, Ned’s favorite.

Syrio and Arya are having another lesson, but Arya’s heart isn’t in it as her Father is hurt and she couldn’t give a shit.  Syrio isn’t having any of it.

“Trouble is perfect time for training.”

He makes a good point – fighting happens during bad times, not when one is happy and content.  He tells her to learn to control her troubles and not let it affect her fighting, rather than letting it distract her.

At the hunt, Renly finally lights into Robert and calls him out on what a shitty king he was and how there were never any ‘good times’, before stalking off.  (Someone is getting balls.  Insert joke here.)

Back in court where Ned is presiding, he listens to the pleas of a man whose village was ransacked and destroyed.  Not only that, but they left a sack of fish to add insult injury… which the sign of House Tully (as Littlefinger points out).  The man comments that the leader of the raiders took off the head of a horse in a fell swoop.

Hm… who do we know that likes to do that?

Oh... right.

Ever honorable, Ned declares Ser Gregor (the Mountain), a wanted man, and issues a command for Tywin to appear in court.  This is a very bold move on his part, but I have to say… it is not politically wise.

In other less important news, Joffrey acts all creepy again with Sansa, and she just eats it up.

Almost as nauseating as Bella and Edward. Almost.

I honestly can’t tell if Joffrey is being sincere or not, but he probably isn’t.  I guess Joffrey knows how to put on a good face.  I hope he’s mean to Sansa later.  That girl needs some naivete knocked out of her.

Later that night, Ned decides to send the girls back to Winterfell as he decides that too dangerous for them there.  (Well, duh.  I couldn’t figure out why he brought them along in the first place… he should know how treacherous that place is.)  Sansa is upset, and Ned tells her that she will find someone good, gentle and strong.  Sansa says she doesn’t WANT someone like that, she wants Joffrey.  I lol’d.  Arya just wants to bring Syrio along.

Sansa says that she  wants Joffrey’s golden haired babies, and things clicks things together in Ned’s mind (that I figured out last episode).  All the men in the Baratheon family are black of haired… except Joffrey and his siblings.


I personally loved this episode, things are really speeding up and getting really interesting.  The sword fight with Bronn was fantastic (as is any scene with Tyrion), and Vicerys finally getting what was coming to him was fantastic as well.

Some interesting finds:

I didn’t proofread this too carefully as I was trying to get it out quickly, so let me know if there were any errors.