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Hump Day: 5/18/2011

Hurray!  My EOTW took WAY longer than I expected it too (and I’m still not completely happy with it), so this week’s post will be a bit shorter.  Because I want to play Rift.  SO THERE.

Song of the Week:

If you haven’t read my post about Pendulum, you should do so.  Immersion is seriously a great album, and this is probably one of my favorite songs off the album.  If you read my review, you can see that Immunize wasn’t one of my favorites when I first heard this album, but it really grew on me afterwards.  Usually the songs that grow on me end up being my favorites.  It’s just so fun to listen to, and it would make awesome fight music.

Funniest Video of the Week:



I’m not sure where the inspiration for this look came from.  I snatched a bunch of samples from the GC lab so I could do more varied looks, and I had promised to do a look using one of the new colors from the Star Trek, and I kinda just picked colors that I thought complimented it.  It’s definitely a night-time look.

This is my first time wearing Galactically Banned Ale (the new color from the upcoming Star Trek set Go Boldly), and I really like it.  It works exceptionally well with Solid Snake in my opinion.  Also, holy cow!  I forgot how awesome Solid Snake is!  Just so you all can fully appreciate it, I did a few swatches as well.



Geek Chic Cosmetics in Galactically Banned Ale (Go Boldly)

Geek Chic Cosmetics in Solid Snake (Single Player)

Geek Chic Cosmetics in Purity Burns (Fangbanger’s Quartet)

Sugarpill in Bulletproof





Daylight. I also have just realized I smile reaaally crooked LOL.

Product of the Week:

Solid Snake!  Yeeaaaah!

Solid Snake, with Galactically Banned Ale. I could not capture the true beauty of these colors in camera, so pretty.

'Purity Burns' felt left out.

Gaming, etc:

  • After being promised to be released countless times over the past few years (most recently May 3rd), Duke Nukem has announced another release date: June 14th.  If you pre-order the game, or buy the GOTY edition of Borderlands (great game), you get to play the demo for Duke Nukem on June 3rd.  I’ll believe it when I have the game in my hot little hands.
  • L.A Noire is out!  I hear it’s pretty gud. (90 on Metacritic.)
  • The Witcher 2 is also out.  I need to finish 1…
  • Steam is now doing Daily Deals, which is pretty cool.  Singularity is on sale right now for 10.20 (66% off).

Game of Thrones review coming tomorrow!  I think I’ll just make the official synopsis day Thursday, because that seems to be when I do them.  Holy cow, was this episode intense.  I’m ridiculously excited for next week.  You should be too.