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SRSLY: Wasting Light

In case you haven’t heard or for some insane reason you don’t care for them (HOW?), Foo Fighter’s new album Wasting Light came out yesterday.

The most epic thing about this album is that it was recorded entirely on an analog tape in the garage of Dave Grohl’s home.   I know, right?  Also, Pat Smear is back on lead guitar officially for the first time since The Colour and the Shape. Butch Vig also produced the album, the guy who was behind Nevermind by Nirvana. Pretty all-star cast overall, no wonder it’s so fucking awesome.

I’ve gone ahead and highlighted my favorites.

  • 1. Bridge Burning
  • 2. Rope
  • 3. Dear Rosemary
  • 4. White Limo
  • 5. Arlandria
  • 6. These Days
  • 7. Back & Forth
  • 8. A Matter of Time
  • 9. Miss the Misery
  • 10. I Should Have Known 😀
  • 11. Walk

The album kicks off to a great start with the kickass intro of Bridge Burning (These are my famous last words!). The drums and guitar are just… electrifying.  Grohl’s screaming White Limo had me trembling (What doesn’t about Grohl?). I found it hard to believe those were his pipes for a second.  Things simmer down a bit in the next song, but Arlandia has one of my favorite chorus’ on album.  I love the contrast from the verses to the chorus and back, and the build up to the final chorus was pretty orgasmic for me.  (I’m a sucker for those pauses and build ups, shh.)

I Should Have Known was hair raising and hauntingly beautiful.  Period.  My favorite song on the album.

I should have known/Look at the shape you’re in
I should have known/But I dove right in

While nothing will ever measure up to Best of You (my personal favorite song), I feel like I’ve been needing to hear this from the Foos for a long time.  And they delivered.

Back to the basics indeed.  A beacon of light in the apocalypse of Beiber and the like minded.

Coming Up:

  • I just got my Too Faced order!  So I’ll be reviewing that tomorrow or today.
  • Uh, 3DS.  LOL!

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Fenris does not approve.

Just thought I’d share this gem with you all.

To be fair, I’d do the same.  This was created by Ziegedrachen on DA, check out their other stuff!

I am FRUSTRATED with my old school.  They were supposed to send me a revision letter in the mail so I can show my new school that I cancelled my old loans, but I haven’t received it.  They ALWAYS send things out within a day or two and it’s taken them almost two weeks.  Finally called them and they told me they ‘already sent it out, but would send out another’.

You would understand if you knew about the other junk I’ve had to deal with.

I bought a blood pressure cuff and a stethoscope the other day, and have been experimenting on people.  BAAHAHA.

(not a doctor)

Coming up:

  • 3DS!  I swear!
  • I’m playing the Witcher atm, I will probably review that at least before the new one comes out in May or whatever.
  • I placed an order with Too Faced cosmetics, and I’ll review what you all pretty much know… they’re amazing.  I hope their foundation is as amazing as their primer!
  • I will review Foo Fighter’s new album Wasting Light, when it comes out on April 12th. Does anyone still buy CDs?