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SRSLY: Vickinator’s Geekery

If you didn’t see see my last post about Vickinator’s Geekery, then you should check it out.  She does awesome geeky buttons that are high quality, for a low price.  She even does custom buttons.  I placed another order, which included my custom button (finished in under a week!), plus two others.  It seems I was given a free button as well! DOMO.

I swear I’m not a math geek, but I know 39 digits of Pi.  Just because.  :B So it seemed only natural to get the pin.

I also love Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  And Fenris.  To be fair, his voice actor looks like this.  His voice is even better.



Quick and Dirty:

  • Shipping: 2.00 for first button, .30 cents for each after.
  • Cost per button:  1.50 for most.
  • Shipping Speed: 5/5
  • Customer Service: 5/5
  • Quality: 5/5

Overall: / 5


Geekery galore!

So, the other day I was browsing Etsy in post-check-excitement, and stumbled across this gem!  It’s called “Vickinator’s Geekery”.  She creates high quality pinback buttons, magnets, graphics, or I’m guessing whatever she feels like doing!  She also does custom orders.  Shipping is quite cheap at 2.00 for the first button, and 30 cents for each button after.

She has a button for pretty much almost everything I love that is geeky.  Here’s some examples:

  • DBZ
  • Final fantasy buttons
  • The Office
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Half-Life
  • LoZ!
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Various memes (WHAT DOES IT MEAAN?!)
  • Anime Emotes
  • … and even science-geek buttons!

Pretty much anything you could think of.

So, I promptly ordered! I got: Half-Life Lambda symbol, “Hey! Listen!”, and “That’s what she said!” for a total of $7.10 which I think is an incredibly decent price for three handmade buttons.  (The buttons range around 1.50 each, with some reaching 2.00.)  Like a dodo, I accidentally put the wrong shipping address in when I ordered, so I quickly messaged her through Etsy and asked her to send it to my new address.  I got a really fast response saying that it wasn’t a problem, and good customer service is always a plus.  They showed up in the mail pretty quickly (don’t know exactly when because I didn’t check my mail for a few days.

I got a cute little business card, and the three buttons which I LOVE.  The buttons look even better in person, my camera kinda sux.  They are very sturdy and high quality.

The “I accept custom orders” made me giddy, I did not realize she did custom orders until I saw this card!  I guess I don’t read carefully enough.  I immediately messaged her about doing a Fenris button for me (see previous post), and she said it was totally doable!  And it would only cost 2.00.  So I’m pretty much in love.