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Hump Day: 5/25/2011

NOTE:  Did you all survive rapture?  Cool.  No EOTW today, I did it this morning and it got smudged…  and I’m too lazy to redo it.  So I’ll do it tomorrow as a separate  post.  It’s a look I’ve actually grown quite fond of and have done a couple times this week.  (Ambassador + All the Rage = win!)


I loooove this song.  So I’m making it song of the week.  The video is a pretty exceptional one done by Koopiskeva.  I normally am not a huge fan of AMVs (most of them are not done very well), but I love the ones done by this guy.  Also, this is my favorite song by Sara Bareilles.  The way the entire song builds is pretty fantastic, give it a listen.


“It’s a big interest.  It’s a regular interest.”

I changed it from ‘funniest’ video to just plain best video.  When I heard Beyonce’s new song ‘Run the World’, I had a pretty ill impression of it as well.  Someone linked this video critiquing it, and I loved every second.  Although, Beyonce was just used as a means to portray an argument concerning feminism… but it was very well articulated, and thought out.  I want to fuck her brain.  LOL.

If you have some naive perception in which you think ‘girls run the world’, watch this video. 😉


I LOVE this stuff.  I’ve been using it for a good month now and it hasn’t run out so I’m going to do a review here this week.  Good coverage, doesn’t make me break out, good packaging, and the color matches me perfectly.


  • Still playing Rift, still loving it.
  • This is really cool.  An actual Ocarina to go with with my OoT 3D?  Yes, please.  However, you can only get one if you live in Australia.  Or have a really good friend that lives in Australia.  However, it’s only a plastic one (though it does play).  I actually have a really nice ceramic Ocarina of Time… cough.  Because I’m a huge fucking nerd.
  • Speaking of which… would you like a new OoT 3DS trailer?  Of course you do!  Better graphics and 3D without glasses… what’s not to love?!  I already have a 3DS so when I get this game I can finally do a fucking 3DS review + OoT review.  This is probably literally my favorite game of all fucking time.


  • Age of Conan is now free to play.  Uh, are people still playing that?
  • I REALLY WANNA PLAY L.A NOIRE.  Two more days.


  • It’s Ubisoft week on Steam!  That means a different Ubisoft game/series will have a huge markdown each day of the week.  Today, it’s Trackmania!  It’s only $10 versus the $39.99 regular price… so that’s 75% off.  Pretty cool.  Also, all Ubisoft games are 33% off all week long (except for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and IL-2 Sturmovick: Cliffs of Dover).
  • Too Faced is having their semi-annual ‘Friends and Family’ sale!  Use the code ‘FF2011S’ on checkout, and get 20% off!  Sale ends tomorrow.  Right before I get my money.  Of course.

Those are the only two big sales I’m aware of, but if there are any others, let me know!  I will gladly add it.


The finale stretch is almost over!  Of the shows I watched, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, and Supernatural all ended last week.  Sob.  Cougar Town is ending tonight, I believe, with an hour long special episode in Hawaii.  A lot of the shows seem to have pulled out all the stops this year!

  • Glee:  I absolutely loved this show, but I had mixed feelings about this episode.  I wanted to love it.  I really did.  Unfortunately, it had a mix of some really awesome scenes mixed with some scenes I really could have lived without.  The flow of the story was just… off this episode.  It felt rushed.  Overall, I enjoyed it.  My favorite episodes of this season: Born this Way, The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle, Never Been Kissed, Original Songs, and weirdly enough… Grilled Cheesus.  I just love me some Kurts.


“My Cup”

Blaine’s ‘I love you’.

Rachel and Kurt singing ‘For Good’.


New York!

Quinn.  I know there is lots of hate out there for her right now, but her character is still probably one of the most interesting ones.

‘New Directions’ not winning regionals.  I’m sorry, but it would have been completely unrealistic.  If they were actually serious about winning the competition, they would not have been writing the songs that they were going to sing the day before the competition.  They would have written it a month ago, and been practicing it day and night.  Jesse had it right. The choreography was atrocious as always. But never fear my gleeks, they are sure to at least place next year, or in my opinion, get first.  There is no way they are going to let them graduate without doing so.  I’M CALLING IT NOW!


Pretty much everything with Mr. Schue.  As the show goes on, I am finding myself liking his character less and less.   So fucking self-righteous.  Plus, I really could have done without the plug of his album.

No April Rhodes.


Sunshine.  Pretty much every time she gets on stage, I zone out.  She has a good voice, I just don’t like her particular style… and she’s quite bland as a character.

The original songs.  The other ones grew on me, so maybe these will too, but… meh.  They were kind of bland.  The only good thing about them was the kiss between Finn and Rachel.  Totally saw that coming.

  • The Office:  Loved it!  Across the board!  I honestly think the loss of Michael Scott might have made The Office funnier.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Michael Scott.  But his character had run its arc.  With the loss of Michael, the rest of the cast has been given much more screen-time, and lots of reminders of how great they are.  I was laughing pretty much non-stop, and I was almost surprised at how much I was laughing.  I don’t really understand why this episode got slammed by people, I really enjoyed it.  Oh well.


Uhhhhhh, James Spader?  I’m pretty desperately wishing he’s in the next season, and gets hired.  Even if it is only temporary, god I love that man.  I would do dirty things to him.

Pretty much all of the guest stars were pretty spot on: Jim Carrey (LOL), Ricky Gervais, Catherine Tate, Ray Romano, Warren Buffett, and Will Arnett.

Creed as boss.  BOBODDY.

Ryan giving Jim a speech.

Gabe leaving.  Fucking finally.


Andy rejecting Erin.  Wtf?

  • Grey’s Anatomy:  Overall, it’s another solid episode for Grey’s Anatomy.  And for once, it didn’t involve a mass catastrophe or a bunch of people dying.  Oh wait… it did, but not on screen.  LOL.


Henry/Teddy!  It’s about time!  I love Scott Foley.

Less Callie.  Don’t me wrong, I love Callie, but there has been way too much of her lately.

April getting Chief Resident.  I’ve always liked her, and she deserves it.

All the families helping the mother of the un-accompanied minor.


Derek.  Obviously he had a reason to be upset, as I would be, but seriously?  Telling her she wouldn’t be a good mother?  Christ.

Owen and Christina’s debacle.  They were both wrong.  Christina should have considered Owen’s feelings, and Owen was completely over the top to kick her out of the house because she wanted an abortion.

Mark and Lexie getting further apart.  I liked them together, and I hate Lexie/Jackson.  Oh well.  I would be okay with April/Mark, though…

Coming Up:

  • Thursday: EOTD, Game of Thrones synopsis
  • Friday: Amazing Face Liquid Foundation review