NOTE:  Catching up.  Maybe.


Here’s What Happened:

Lannister’s Encampment:

We finally meet the Lannister’s dear old dad, Tywin.  They discuss the situation of their house regarding Tyrion’s capture and Ned’s order that Tywin appear in court.  Tywin obviously doesn’t care for Tyrion (as stated in the past), but they must uphold the family’s name and respect.  Every day that one of their own in held in capture, is everyday that their house is losing respect.  Tywin also berates Jaime for attacking Ned in the open.  Jaime seems to lose a bit of his bravado at that.

Tywin gives half of his army (30,000 men) to Jaime and sends him to Riverrun, while telling him to be a man for once.

Daddy issues, anyone?

Nothing says warm family moments like deboweling a stag during heart-to-hearts.

At King’s Landing:

Ned makes an incredibly politically stupid move here, and tells Cersei, his ENEMY, everything that he knows about her secret and what he plans to do about it.  That their kids are not Robert’s, but Jaime’s.

Cersei admits to it, you can tell that the gloves are off in her facial expression.  She says that she loved Robert once until he called her by Lyanna while taking her virginity or whatever.  Ned tells her to flee before Robert returns and learns the truth.

Yeah, because she’s TOTALLY going to do that.

Oh, okay! Bye!

At his brothel, Littlefinger is giving lessons on how to whore correctly to Ros (the whore from Winterfell that Theon liked) and coincedentally reveals all his plans not very subtly to her.  I guess because she’s of no importance.  Here is where I made my first bad judgement:  I guess he’s not gay.  Because he’s clearly in love with Catelyn or something.  I don’t know, I have a hard time reading the dude.  He talks about how he lost in a duel for Catelyn to Brandon Stark, and on that day he realized he’ll never win by brutality, but by wits.

“I’ll never win that way.  That’s their game, their rules.  I’m not going fight them; I’m going to fuck them.”

Robert returns from the hunt, but he was mortally wounded by a boar before doing so.

Alcohol + Hunting = Bad Idea.

He has a small moment with Joffrey and wishes he was a better father, and Joffrey actually shows a little human emotion.

The only moment I'll feel the slightest bit bad for Joffrey, I bet.

Ned arrives fairly quickly afterwards and has a moment alone with Robert (much to Cersei’s chagrin).  He takes back his order to assassinate Dany and has Ned write an order declaring that Ned rule in his stead until Joffrey comes of age.

Until Joffrey comes of age? Yeah... that's totally what I wrote...

Ned doesn’t have the heart to tell Robert on his death bed that Joffrey isn’t his son.

When Ned leaves the room, Renly pulls Ned aside and urges him to overthrown Cersei and Joffrey now before they have the chance to come into power.  Ned says that Stannis is the rightful heir, but it doesn’t matter because Ned refuses to create bloodshed in Robert’s final hours.

Pfft.  Honor.

Dumb move on his part again, but oh well.

Littlefinger offers advice to Ned as well: Make nice with the Lannisters.  Ned declines this as well, but asks Littlefinger to make sure that the City Watch take his side as he is the one that pays them.

When Robert dies, Ned is summoned into the throne room where Joffrey has been declared king.  Ned inquires as to where Renly is, but Varys informs him that he has fled the city with a few guards (smart move).  The city watch tell Ned that they have his back.

Joffrey issues his first new commands as the new ruler, such as preperations for his coronation.  Cersei offers the opportunity for him to make peace, take a knee to declare allegiance and return to Winterfell, but Ned refuses and makes the stupidest move of all here (besides trusting Littlefinger):

He presents to the court the letter dictated by Robert and declares that Joffrey isn’t king.  While this is true, it just isn’t the smartest thing to do.  Cersei tears the document up, and orders her men to take him prisoner.  He calls on the City Guard, but Littlefinger has betrayed him and they kill his men, and Littlefinger himself putting a dagger to Ned’s throat.  Well, he DID tell you not to trust him…

That's how you fuck them, I'm guessing.

At the Wall:

We finally see Jon and Sam again at the Wall (two episodes without Jon!  TOO LONG)  They are keeping watch at the top when a single riderless horse approaches, and they lower the gate for it.  The horse belongs to Benjen and Jon is not pleased.

Later on, Lord Commander Mormont initiates all the recruits into the brotherhood and gives them their new positions.  Everyone expects Jon to be a Ranger, and everyone is shocked when he gets ‘Steward’, and Jon is outrated and humiliated.

He starts to fly off the handle, but Sam points out that he is being groomed for duty as he is a personal steward for Mormont.  He pouts a little, but realizes that Sam is right.  He says that he had always wanted to be a Ranger, and Sam quips that he always wanted to be a wizard.

Ah, I love those two.

It also appears that Sam has some brains and book smarts, to make up for his lack of fighting skills.

Jon and Sam go beyond the wall to take their vows before a weirwood tree.  They celebrate and hug afterwards, but Ghost ruins the mood by trotting over with a severed hand.

Oh... thanks...


At Winterfell:

I’ve learned that I really dislike Theon when it comes to women.  I guess this sort of attitude was very common towards women back in those times, but it’s still gross.  Overall Theon seems like an okay guy, but put a woman in the same room with him and he turns into a sleazebag.  He’s one of those guys that likes to put someone lower than him in their place to make himself feel bigger.  Blech.  Anyways.  He tries to put the moves on Osha (the woman spared from the last episode), but Master Luwin intercedes in time.

Osha didn’t seem very threatened by it all, anyways.


Across the Narrow Sea:

Daenerys is shopping with her handmaidens, along with Jorah.  Jorah excuses himself to check his’ messages’, and we find out (if you didn’t put the pieces together already from earlier episodes) that Jorah has betrayed Dany to Lord Varys and traded her life for a pardon and the opportunity to return home.

He has a change of heart when he sees Danaerys about to drink the poison wine, and exposes the merchant for the assassin that he is.  The merchant makes a stupid move and tries to run: it honestly would have been better to just drink the poison.
Now honestly, I’ve been thinking this the whole time.  Robert was blinded by revenge, attempting to assassinate Danaerys was a very bad idea.  Not because she was a woman or whatever, but because as soon as an attempt was made on her life (successful or no), I knew Drogo would get pissed and take his army across the sea.  One of his advisors should have brought that side up.

Anyways, Drogo had no intention of going across the sea until she got attacked.  He then goes into a rage and declares war against Westeros and claim the Iron Throne for his son.

Note to self: Pissing off Khal Drogo is bad.



  • Man, Ned’s men are fairly inept fighters.  They all seem to die instantly.
  • Jason Momoa pulled off an excellent performance this episode with Khal Drogo’s rage fit.

What are your thoughts?  I’ll get up Episode 8 on Thursday.


Comments on: "Episode 7: “You Win or You Die” – Synopsis" (3)

  1. Well we met tywin.. now that explains alot.. like why jaime and cersei are such a-holes..hahah i thought littlefinger was gay too… fail.. hes still a creeper

    robert dies .. joffery is king… FML what could go wrong here.. SMH

    I am likeing John snow more and more!!! And ghost is a beautiful dog.. I actually thoought it was funny when he brought the hand..

    LOVE drogo.. omg.. He was mad as hell ( more then usual) , That was a really excellant scene.. needed a cold drink hahaha.. but all i thought was the shitstorm has begun!!1

  2. Indeed! The parents in this show seem to either fuck up their kids (or in the case of the starks) do a pretty good job.

    I’m hoping Joffrey’s reign won’t last long.

    And yeah… Drogo’s scene… /fans self

    • very true.. the season finale is gonna be wicked.. I have a feeling!!! too bad we have to wait a year.. but at least true blood and boardwalk empire will keep my

      whew.. i know.. drogo scene… HOTT.. haha

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