To my two followers (LOL),


Things have been crazy as I have finals this week and I haven’t had time to really blog or do the posts I want to do. 😦

I will try to catch up with my GoT reviews quickly, and I also have a review of the TF foundation partially done, so that should be up soon. As I was writing this, I just realized that Hump Day is tomorrow, so I will throw together a look and get that done.

On a side note, I commented on my last post that I didn’t care for ‘Pretending’ or ‘Light up the World’ from the Glee finale… but ‘Light up the World’ grew on me.  It’s not an amazing song by any means, but it’s a really fun one to listen to.  BUT I STILL HATE ‘PRETENDING’.

At this rate (no promises):

  • Wednesday: Hump Day 6/1/2011
  • Thursday: GoT: Episode 6
  • Friday: GoT: Episode 7
  • Saturday: Too Faced review



Comments on: "Sorry!" (1)

  1. Good Luck on your finals .. Life gets away from us this time.. Can’t wait for ur reviews and the GOT sypnosis!!!

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