So, I have a story.  It’s about a guy named Phil who knew a guy named Shawn.  Shawn writes music, and apparently Phil is really good at music stuff too.  And producing.  So they got together and made this album.  Supposedly it’s pretty good.  Also, I know these guys so I think I’ve heard every song twenty billion times.  (It’s fun going to a listening party where you already know all the words to all the songs…)

But YOU haven’t.

So you should go check it out.  And perhaps download it.  Before After Avalanche becomes ridiculously famous because then you can be THAT GUY that said ‘Well, I listened it before it anyone knew what it was!  I’M A BIGGER FAN.’

You know you want to be that guy.

After Avalanche’s first album is called A Gentle Punch to the Face and it has a kinda cool bluesy/folk feel to it that I dig.

You can buy individual songs or the whole album here on iTunes, and you can like After Avalanche on FB here.  Don’t want to buy it on iTunes?  You can also buy it here on Amazon for 89 cents per song.  Do it nao!

(My favorite song is still ‘Puzzle of Nails’.)

P.S  Buy it or Nick will kill you.  I have standards.


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