• I’m putting together a GLIST!  Because I’m such a stupidly huge fan of Glee, I’m going through every episode and finding the best 20 songs and ranking them!  I was going to do a top 10, but there is too many freakin’ songs to narrow it down so far.  I’ll also do a special mention section for the more humorous numbers.  I’ll post the list after the finale airs, as I don’t see a point in finishing it before the rest of the songs for this season come out! I’ll say though, there was some good ones in the last episode.  I’ll also probably review the finale, and maybe do a GLEE! inspired look.  What I want to know:  what do you think are the best Glee songs so far?  Don’t forget to check out the new episode that airs tonight called ‘Rumours’ on Fox.
  • I plan on continuing to review Game of Thrones until the end of the season, as it’s only 10 episodes long.  I’ve decided I’ll review one show at a time, as I do hideously long reviews and it would take too much time to do more than one.  What should my next show be?  I’m thinking Trueblood, as the new season of that is airing June 26th, 2011 (save the date!).  I’m a big fan of the books and so I’ll probably re-read the book before it airs to note the differences.  Trueblood has always loosely followed the books and taken it’s own liberties with the plot, but I’m hoping that they will keep a couple things the same… 😀
  • I’ll be putting together a review of the Amazing Face Liquid Foundation sometime this week, and I’ll give you a hint: it’s awesome!  I currently use it in combination with Morrigan from Geek Chic, and it works pretty well!
  • I was going to do a 3DS review, but I’m probably going to wait until OoT comes out in 3D this June.  I didn’t buy a 3D game with my 3DS, so besides like the menus and such, I don’t have any games I actually play in 3D yet.  The launch titles were just not good enough, and that’s my only real complaint with the system so far.  I’ll go more into that later.
  • Just to rid the confusion: my SRSLY series are basically things I completely endorse with next to no negatives.  I plan on doing one with BSG soon as well as a ‘Beginner’s Guide to BSG’ of sorts to get people to give it a shot.   Yes, I realize this show finished airing like two years ago, but I really don’t think enough people gave it a shot.  And I’m always up for converting more people.  SO SAY WE ALL.
  • I also plan on doing a post every Wednesday where I talk about the things, songs, and such that I am into/or am looking forward to.  Something to get you through Hump Day.

To my one reader (lol!):  what would you like to see me review?  Or try?


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