SRSLY: Immersion

Up where they walk! Up where they ru-... uh, wait, wrong song.

One of my new favorite bands, I heard of it from a friend since they are now opening for Linkin Park on their tour.  If you don’t like Linkin Park, don’t worry!  Because this band really isn’t anything like them.  Pendulum is an Australian-British drum and bass/electronic rock band with mixes of alternative rock and heavy metal.  It even has a video game like feel to it in certain songs, which is always awesome.

They have a very diverse range in their music, and I can’t honestly say there is a song I don’t like on their new album, Immersion.

This is the track list, and I’ve bolded my personal favorites.  Most songs blend into the next one, so it’s pretty cool to listen to them all in a row.

  • 1. Genesis
  • 2. Salt in Your Wounds
  • 3. Watercolour <— that’s how you can tell it’s British
  • 4. Set Me on Fire
  • 5. Crush
  • 6. Under the Waves
  • 7. Immunize (feat. Liam Howlett)
  • 8. The Island, Pt. 1 – Dawn
  • 9. The Island, Pt.2 – Dusk
  • 10. Comprachicos
  • 11. The Vulture
  • 12. Witchcraft
  • 13. Self vs. Self (feat. In Flames)
  • 14. The Fountain (feat. Steven Wilson)
  • 15. Encoder

The music videos are always trippy and cool looking.



Comments on: "SRSLY: Immersion" (2)

  1. I really like them, just because on the radio the other day (in Australia) they played their remix of the ABC news theme! It was just so awesome hearing this boring tune that you’d grown up hearing, remixed!

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