Hump Day: 6/15/2011

Hello!  I hope y’all enjoy this weeks Hump Day.  I will do an EOTD tomorrow along with the most recent synopsis of GoT (will be caught up!).  If those go according to plan, I will kick off my product reviews with Too Faced’s Amazing Face Liquid Foundation on Friday.

Without further ado…

Song of the Week:

I’ve recently been relistening to the Ponyo soundtrack recently, and I am absolutely in love with this song.  The singer’s voice is absolutely gorgeous (dat high note!), and you just don’t hear music like this in a children’s movie very often.   When I sing opera, I aspire to sound like this.

Video of the Week:

I pretty much DIED laughing when I watched this.  I’m pretty sure it’s fake/scripted, but still.  It’s great.

Product of the Week:

Plug incoming!  My company, Geek Chic Cosmetics, launched our new set of lip balms yesterday called Bio Balms.   These lippies are much less pigmented than our glosses and lipsticks, as they are mainly targeted towards those customers of ours that asked for some more ‘wearable’ colors. (What… you don’t want to wear Toxic Unicorn to the office? LOL)  They are very nourishing for the lips, and work great as either an overnight lip treatment or shimmery lip balm for during the day.

We’re all very proud of the work we put into it to release it, so if you have a chance, check it out!

Gaming, Etc:

  • Duke Nukem is out!  Seriously!  And it’s seriously bad.  It’s being panned by critics everywhere, and managed to scrape a 58 on Metacritic somehow.  From what I’ve read, it’s clunky, outdated, and the graphics are terrible.  Oh well.  The Chinese Democracy of video games, I suppose.
  • On the other hand, OoT 3D is getting glowing reviews.  As it should.  I can’t wait to get it, it’s probably the main reason I got my 3DS. (Also, I have every LoZ game <.<)  With touched up graphics, better controls, a better inventory system, and option for harder bosses, new master quest… this game is nearing perfection.  I’ll probably plow through it in a few days and review it + 3DS.
  • I’ve made it into Chapter 2 of The Witcher, and I have to say that I am enjoying it much more than when I started.  The story is picking up and getting more interesting, plus I’m having fun collecting all the sex cards… LOL.  I am currently on a no buy for video games (made an exception for OoT), so here’s the games I have left to beat before I can buy more: The Witcher, Darksiders, Super Mario Galaxy, Bioshock 1&2, Fable 3 (almost beat), Assassin’s Creed, Half Life 2: Episodes 1&2 (I’ve beat HL2, just not the episodes yet),  and the Alan Wake DLC.  SIGH.
  • I really, really, really want this.  Someone make it for me, plz. I would have had Link as the Bishop, and Epona as the Knight… but still.


  • At Geek Chic, we have our buy four get one free sale back on due to popular demand, plus we have a ‘color of the month‘ at half price!  This month, it’s Solid Snake.  One of my personal favorite colors.
  • On Steam, Darkspore is 40% off landing it at $29.99 versus $49.99.  Also to note, if I think a game looks crappy, I won’t advertise its sale.
  • Beauty Ticket got a metric fuckton of Caudalie bath products in stock for some pretty good sales.  I haven’t tried them out, so I don’t know how good they are.  But it might be worth checking out.  Also some stuff from Jurlique.  Next time I get paid I’ll probably pick a couple things up.

Any other sales?  Let me know!


  • Game of Thrones is almost finished… one episode to go! 😦  It’s okay though, because True Blood starts like a week later.  And having read the books, I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS SCENE.

Also, don’t forget to watch the trailer.  Season four starts on June 26th at 9PM on HBO.  WATCH IT. 🙂




Note: Dare I say I might be caught up soon?  Anyways, shit hits the fan.  Like, everywhere.  I know you are all done with Episode 9 by this point, but if you want to go back in time with me a week and re-live Episode 8, then I would be more than happy to tell you…

Here’s What Happened:

At King’s Landing:

The show opens up at King’s Landing, and everything is going to shit.  The parallels between Arya learning to fight and the coming war is made quite clear.  The Lannister’s are taking advantage of their, well… advantage, and sticking it to the Starks.  I feel kinda bad for them this episode.  Literally nothing good happens to them except perhaps other various members not dying.  I don’t know about you, but I consider not dying an average day.  A normal day.  Not dying is a good day for the Starks.  Forgive me my overuse of italics, but fucking hell.

Back to the show.  Holy shit, the Lannister guards are killing guards and peasant men everywhere.  Septa and Sansa are walking down the hall when they hear fighting, and thank fucking god that Sansa actually listens to her for once when she tells her to run.  Not that it does much good, as the Hound catches her.   When she threatens to tell the queen, he says, “Who do you think sent me?”

Arya is probably having her final lesson with Syrio, in which he introduces her to the wonderful world of lying and backstabbery.  These are lessons I don’t think the Stark children have learned from their parents, prime example…

Their lesson is interrupted by a group of Lannister guards, and they demand that Arya goes with them. Not fully understanding her lesson yet, she starts to walk forward, but Syrio pushes her back.  And then she catches on.  Hmm, why /would/ my father send Lannister guards to fetch me?

At this point, we learn Syrio is truly badass.  I just wish there was more screentime with him, although he is most likely dead. (However, I never believe a character is truly dead when they die offscreen, unless a character talks about seeing it or something.)  Why is Syrio bad-ass? He incapacitates every single man (except the captain) with a /wooden sword/.  If he had picked up a real sword before he fought the boss guy, he probably would have lived. (I was pretty much screaming this at the TV.)  Syrio has Arya run, and she is smart enough to not run towards the fighting.

She runs to where they were presumably packing up to leave, and finds everyone dead.  She quickly grabs her sword (smart girl), and a creepy stable boy attempts to apprehend her.

It didn't go well.

I imagine this is the beginning to her lack of squeamishness to killing.

Down in the dungeons, Varys comes to visit Ned and gives him some water.  Ned berates him for not doing anything to help him in the throne room, but Varys points out a very valid fact:  What would he have done to help him?  Unarmed, with no armor and no fighting experience?  He would have gotten himself killed.

Varys asks what madness led him to tell the Queen what he knew regarding Joffrey, and he responds “the madness of mercy”.  Ned also states with certainty that the Queen won’t kill him, as his wife is holding Tyrion.  Varys crushes that hope when he tells him that not only was it the ‘wrong brother’ but that he had also escaped Catelyn’s grasp.  Ned realizes that he is going to die at that moment, and that is exactly when I realized it as well.

Ned asks Varys who he truly serves and Varys says, “The realm.  Someone must.”

Meanwhile, Sansa is granted an audience with the Queen and the council in order to decide her fate.  The stupid old git in the council says that although she is innocent now, “who knows what treasons she may hatch?”  Sansa then surprisingly delivers one of the funnier lines in the episode and replies, “I’ll be a queen just like you, I promise!  I won’t hatch anything!”  Littlefinger comes to her defense, and I’m not sure why.  It’s obvious he’s in it for power, and doesn’t really love Catelyn or anything at this point.  Maybe he just loves her nobility.

Cersei tells her to write a letter to her brother Robb, and have him come to King’s Landing and swear fealty to Joffrey.  If she does this, things will look a little more favorably for her father.

How can one not trust that face?

In the throne room, Joffrey is making his first royal proclamations: Raising Janos Slynt to nobility, and naming Tywin as Hand to the King.  In kind, Ser Barristan is fired from the title of Lord Commander of the Kinsguard, and replaces him with Jaime Lannister.  Barristan is not pleased with this at all, and after a tense moment he strips his armor and stalks out angrily.

Sansa then comes forward and pleads for her father’s life, claiming that he must have been tricked and the her father loved Robert.  Joffrey says that he has been moved, but Ned must declare that Joffrey is the true king for any mercy to occur.

Does anyone believe this shit?

Across the Narrow Sea:

Dany finds that Khal Drogo is keeping good on his promise to pillage and rape villages.  Dany isn’t happy with this, but Jorah points out that he is doing it to raise gold.  To buy ships.  Dany still isn’t happy as she has a huge problem with people (especially women) being taken advantage of.  I wonder why.  She stops the women from being raped, much to the anger of a random Dothraki testosterone filled dude.  They both argue their case to Drogo, but since Dany is fucking Drogo and not the other dude, you can guess who he picked.

The other guy is pissed, and they fight.  Drogo gets a nasty cut, but then quickly kills the other dude (weaponless!)



ye gads.

Dany and Drogo have some more adorable back and forth banter, as Dany is concerned about his wound.  He insists that it isn’t trouble, but a witch steps forward to offer her services.  They are reluctant, but Dany is insistent.  And we’ve seen that Drogo can’t turn down that face, as she has also mastered the art of the woogie.

At The Wall:

Jon and company return to Castle Black with the bodies that the wolf found.  They belong to Othor and Jafer Flowers, two other members of the Night’s Watch that rode out with Benjen Stark.  Of course, there is still no sign on where Benjen has gone off to.  Sam points out that if the bodies had been dead for awhile, that they would be stinky.  Smart head on that one.  Thefore, they must have died recently.  Mormont decides to hold off on burning the bodies until they are examined.

Jon doesn’t seem to be taking to his stewarding well, and after little prodding from Ser Allister attempts to kick his shit, but his buddies manage to stop him, and he gets confined to his room.  Later on in his room, Ghost is going nuts.  Jon actually listens to his animal, and leaves the room to find out what is going on, following ghost to Mormont’s room.


You're looking pretty good, there.

After many blows of what would kill a normal man, he realizes that this is not a normal man.  I mean, he stabs him through, cuts off his arm, etc.  But he gets back up!  Fucking super zombie.  Jon grabs Mormont’s torch, and lights the thing on fire.  Afterwards when they are burning the body, Sam points out that the men have been touched by Night Walkers, and that only fire will stop them.  Hooray.

Robb’s Army:

Robb gets the letter from Sansa, and he isn’t happy.  He recognizes that even though it’s in Sansa’s hand, it is the queen’s words.  Robb has had enough shit at this point.  He calls on all the bannerman.  If the Queen wants him to go to King’s Landing, he’ll go to King’s Landing.  Theon is pleased.

During dinner, Greatjon Umber isn’t happy when he finds out that he won’t be the leader of their merry bunch of men.  He draws his blade, but then Robb’s wolf Greywind leaps across the table and rips his fingers off.  I love this shit.  Anyways, Greatjon laughs it off due to an out that Robb gives him.  Robb then leaves with his 20,000 men, leaving Bran in charge of Winterfell.

Robb’s army makes camp near Trident, where Catelyn catches up to her son.  After a hugging session, things get serious and Cat tells her son that if they don’t win, they all will die.

They end up capturing a Lannister scout. Robb asks how many men he counted (20,000), and then lets him go to tell Tywin that 20,000 men are coming for him to see if he ‘really shits gold’.  Which is a brilliant move.

At the Eyrie:

Catelyn is furious that Lysa has been holding information from her, more specifically that Ned is in chains and Robb is building an army.  She asks if family means anything to Lysa, but she should know that BITCH IS CRAZY.  I don’t think she cares about anything besides herself and her creepy child.  Seriously, I’d rather have Joffrey as my kid.  Anyways, Lysa refuses to aid Catelyn.

Outside the Eyrie, we find Tyrion and Bronn travelling down the road to the south.  Let me just say now, I love the scenes that have the both of them in it.  Tyrion is getting on Bronn’s nerves (how is that possible?!), and Bronn threatens to just take his food and leave him there.  Tyrion asks, “What do you want Bronn?  Gold?  Women?  Golden Women?”  This basically points out that if Bronn just leaves Tyrion behind he ain’t gettin’ paid! Bronn is fine with that as long he doesn’t have to be his toadie or friend.  Tyrion isn’t interested so much in friendship as he is in Bronn’s ‘facility for murder’.

Tyrion likes living.

However, things take a sharp dive when they are attacked by hill tribes when they set up camp.  Tyrion is frantically trying to figure out what they want before they kill them, before figuring out what they want most:  this.  And by ‘this’, be means the Vael.  Smart move.

They are convinced to help him, and he has a much larger escort to his father’s camp.  Tywin doesn’t look too pleased to see him or his buddies, but makes use of them – If Shagga assists them in the fight against Robb, that they will get what Tyrion promised them.

It’s good timing, because Tywin then receives a message that the Starks are on the march.


  • Only one more episode left (2 to review!).
  • Who is your favorite character so far?
  • After I finish my Game of Throne reviews, it seems the consensus is that I do more product reviews. 🙂  It shall be done! After tomorrow’s Hump Day post, the first one I will knock out is foundation review for Too Faced.

Hey everyone!  Sorry about yesterday!  There will be no Hump Day post this week.

I finished my finals yesterday, and I got all my new computer parts in… and it took a good full DAY to get it working.  For awhile we were thinking that we were going to have to RMA the motherboard ( a lengthy process), but a friend came over and helped fix it so it’s all working now. 🙂 I’m going to do a fresh install here in a few, but I thought I’d get this review done first to make up for my silence.

So as I said in a previous post,  I was at Nordstrom Rack the other day.  And while I didn’t find much interesting regarding clothes, I found a discounted makeup section!  With stuff from Too Faced!  And some other companies like Smashbox.  I’ll probably check it out in the future, it’s right on my way home from school.

I won’t be able to comment on customer service, as I picked it up at a retailer.

Anyways, this is what I got:

Mirror Shine Lipgloss: I Love Myself

Girls Dig Pearls: Tropical Pink

Girls Dig Pearls: Tropical Pink

The Claim: “Heaven knows that no lady worth her country club membership would be caught dead without her trusty strand of pearls! Now you too can be perfectly pretty and glossy to boot with Girls Dig Pearls a lustrous lip gloss created using real crushed sea pearls, and peppermint extract to soothe, soften, and freshen your lovely lips.”

The Ingredients: Polyisobutene,Vegetable Oil (Olus), Polybutene, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate, Ozokerite, Benzophenone-3, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Myristyl Lactate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Trihydroxystearin, Silica, Pearl Powder, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax/Cera Carnauba, Saccharin, Myristyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol. (+/-): Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), Red 7 Lake (CI 15850), Yellow 5 Lake (CI 19140)

The Price:  $16.20.  Although, I got it at Nordstrom Rack on sale for like 6 bucks.  I probably normally wouldn’t buy it for 16 bucks.  But I’m cheap, LOL.

Packaging: 5/5

No complaints here.  It does its job, and that’s all I require!  I think I like it better than the design for the other lip gloss, as it is made of hard plastic (almost looks like glass).  It has a pretty standard doefoot applicator.  Too Faced has always had pretty cute packaging, and this is no exception.

Formula: 5/5


Daylight! Some of the sparkles almost look golden in the sunlight.

I love it!  It’s super sparkly!  It has a sheer pink tint with oodles of pink sparkles that actually glint a little golden in the light depending on the angle.  Very gorgeous.  I personally like to layer it atop another lip gloss or lipstick, as it adds an extra oomph. But it holds up for sure on it’s own.  (I wonder what it would look like on this?)  I actually enjoyed layering this one on the Mirror Shine gloss.   I don’t really have any complaints.  It isn’t sticky, it feels, nice, and has a fair amount of sparkle.

Even though the list is super long, I don’t really see anything bad in it as far as I can spy.  The only thing that differs from the ‘claim’ in my opinion is that even though I DO see peppermint oil in the ingredients list, I don’t think there was enough in the formulation to really get that ‘peppermint tingle’.

Mirror Shine Lip Gloss: I Love Myself

 The Claim: “Its YOU darling when your lips are slicked and shined with Too Faceds mirror finish lip gloss. Drenched with super shine and loaded with natural Goji Berry extract one of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature! So protect and nourish your lips with the glassiest gloss this side of the Magic Mirror.”

The Ingredients: Polybutene, Diisostearyl Malate, Octyldodecanol, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Silica Silylate, Pentaerythrityl Tetraisostearate, Isopropylparaben, Limonene, Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Flavor (Aroma), Benzyl Benzoate, BHT, Sodium Saccharin. (+/-): Red 7 Lake (CI 15850:1), Red 33 Lake (CI 17200)

The Price: $14.40.  Once again, I picked it up for like 5 or 6 dollars.  I don’t remember.  This one is a little more reasonably priced.

Packaging: 5/5

Once again, no complaints.  This one isn’t made of hard plastic, but it is still sturdy.  I actually like the applicator a bit better on this one, it’s a bit easier to spread out on your lips evenly.

Formula: 3.8/5



This lip gloss is a very, very sheer light red/pink.  It would look great on it’s own for a very natural look, or you can layer it over another lip gloss or lipstick for a glossy finish  As far as the actual FEEL and LOOK of the product, I would give this a 5/5.  As you can see by the swatch above, it’s quite shiny and lives up to it’s claim.  It’s not sticky or gross, and hold up fairly well.   Both of these lip glosses last a few hours before I re-app them.  Unfortunately, I do have one major complaint.  THE SMELL.  It’s a scented lip gloss, and Chantel helped me deduce that it is probably dragon fruit.  Now, this smell may appeal to some people… but I don’t really care for it.  It goes away in about 5-10 minutes, but I literally despise the smell so much that I don’t really like applying it.  Blech.

Also, the ingredients list… so many parabens.  I honestly don’t know too much about parabens so I can’t really comment too much on this (NOT A DOCTOR), but I heard they mimic the hormone estrogen and it can lead to breast cancers and stuff.  But I don’t know if this is proven.  It also has BHT, and I read some stuff about BHT here.  And honestly, from what I’ve read, it all still seems to be up in the air scientifically, but I’d rather just not take my chances.

Final Thoughts

Mirror Shine + Girls Dig Pearls

Overall, I’m happy with my purchase.  They look nice.  I do think it is a little pricey for what you get, however.  If I ran out and found it on sale at Nordstrom Rack again, I would probably re-buy Girls Dig Pearls.  I don’t think I would re-buy the Mirror Shine lip gloss because of the smell.  However, I would try a different color of the same brand to see if the smell thing is bad in all of them (if it was on sale).

I probably wouldn’t buy either at full price.  MAYBE Girls Dig Pearls, as I didn’t have any complaints with this one.  I think it would have to be a SRSLY or HG product for me to re-buy a lip gloss that is more than 15 dollars.

Have you tried these lip glosses?  What do you think?

I have a lot of reviews/posts that I want to do, and I’m not sure where to start.  This is what I have planned, what would you be most interested in seeing? (top 3)

  • Too Faced: Amazing Face Liquid Foundation – Review
  • Too Faced: Primed and Poreless Face Primer – Review
  • Too Faced: Lip Insurance – Review
  • Sinful Colors Nail Polish – Review
  • GLIST! (Top 25 Glee songs)
  • 3DS with Ocarina of Time – Review
  • Adele (21) – Review
  • Yes! to Cucumbers Face Wipes – Review

Game of Thrones also has two episodes left, and the week after it is done, Trueblood starts.  I plan on doing synopsis’ of it like GoT, just wanted to make sure people are interested.  I’ve read all the books, and I am halfway through re-reading the 4th book in preparation for the 4th season (to do a compare/contrast).

I am also getting my domain very soon, as I got paid recently.  Which means I will be moving everything to a hosted site so I can finally put up my google friend connect and FB gadgets and what not.

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NOTE:  Catching up.  Maybe.


Here’s What Happened:

Lannister’s Encampment:

We finally meet the Lannister’s dear old dad, Tywin.  They discuss the situation of their house regarding Tyrion’s capture and Ned’s order that Tywin appear in court.  Tywin obviously doesn’t care for Tyrion (as stated in the past), but they must uphold the family’s name and respect.  Every day that one of their own in held in capture, is everyday that their house is losing respect.  Tywin also berates Jaime for attacking Ned in the open.  Jaime seems to lose a bit of his bravado at that.

Tywin gives half of his army (30,000 men) to Jaime and sends him to Riverrun, while telling him to be a man for once.

Daddy issues, anyone?

Nothing says warm family moments like deboweling a stag during heart-to-hearts.

At King’s Landing:

Ned makes an incredibly politically stupid move here, and tells Cersei, his ENEMY, everything that he knows about her secret and what he plans to do about it.  That their kids are not Robert’s, but Jaime’s.

Cersei admits to it, you can tell that the gloves are off in her facial expression.  She says that she loved Robert once until he called her by Lyanna while taking her virginity or whatever.  Ned tells her to flee before Robert returns and learns the truth.

Yeah, because she’s TOTALLY going to do that.

Oh, okay! Bye!

At his brothel, Littlefinger is giving lessons on how to whore correctly to Ros (the whore from Winterfell that Theon liked) and coincedentally reveals all his plans not very subtly to her.  I guess because she’s of no importance.  Here is where I made my first bad judgement:  I guess he’s not gay.  Because he’s clearly in love with Catelyn or something.  I don’t know, I have a hard time reading the dude.  He talks about how he lost in a duel for Catelyn to Brandon Stark, and on that day he realized he’ll never win by brutality, but by wits.

“I’ll never win that way.  That’s their game, their rules.  I’m not going fight them; I’m going to fuck them.”

Robert returns from the hunt, but he was mortally wounded by a boar before doing so.

Alcohol + Hunting = Bad Idea.

He has a small moment with Joffrey and wishes he was a better father, and Joffrey actually shows a little human emotion.

The only moment I'll feel the slightest bit bad for Joffrey, I bet.

Ned arrives fairly quickly afterwards and has a moment alone with Robert (much to Cersei’s chagrin).  He takes back his order to assassinate Dany and has Ned write an order declaring that Ned rule in his stead until Joffrey comes of age.

Until Joffrey comes of age? Yeah... that's totally what I wrote...

Ned doesn’t have the heart to tell Robert on his death bed that Joffrey isn’t his son.

When Ned leaves the room, Renly pulls Ned aside and urges him to overthrown Cersei and Joffrey now before they have the chance to come into power.  Ned says that Stannis is the rightful heir, but it doesn’t matter because Ned refuses to create bloodshed in Robert’s final hours.

Pfft.  Honor.

Dumb move on his part again, but oh well.

Littlefinger offers advice to Ned as well: Make nice with the Lannisters.  Ned declines this as well, but asks Littlefinger to make sure that the City Watch take his side as he is the one that pays them.

When Robert dies, Ned is summoned into the throne room where Joffrey has been declared king.  Ned inquires as to where Renly is, but Varys informs him that he has fled the city with a few guards (smart move).  The city watch tell Ned that they have his back.

Joffrey issues his first new commands as the new ruler, such as preperations for his coronation.  Cersei offers the opportunity for him to make peace, take a knee to declare allegiance and return to Winterfell, but Ned refuses and makes the stupidest move of all here (besides trusting Littlefinger):

He presents to the court the letter dictated by Robert and declares that Joffrey isn’t king.  While this is true, it just isn’t the smartest thing to do.  Cersei tears the document up, and orders her men to take him prisoner.  He calls on the City Guard, but Littlefinger has betrayed him and they kill his men, and Littlefinger himself putting a dagger to Ned’s throat.  Well, he DID tell you not to trust him…

That's how you fuck them, I'm guessing.

At the Wall:

We finally see Jon and Sam again at the Wall (two episodes without Jon!  TOO LONG)  They are keeping watch at the top when a single riderless horse approaches, and they lower the gate for it.  The horse belongs to Benjen and Jon is not pleased.

Later on, Lord Commander Mormont initiates all the recruits into the brotherhood and gives them their new positions.  Everyone expects Jon to be a Ranger, and everyone is shocked when he gets ‘Steward’, and Jon is outrated and humiliated.

He starts to fly off the handle, but Sam points out that he is being groomed for duty as he is a personal steward for Mormont.  He pouts a little, but realizes that Sam is right.  He says that he had always wanted to be a Ranger, and Sam quips that he always wanted to be a wizard.

Ah, I love those two.

It also appears that Sam has some brains and book smarts, to make up for his lack of fighting skills.

Jon and Sam go beyond the wall to take their vows before a weirwood tree.  They celebrate and hug afterwards, but Ghost ruins the mood by trotting over with a severed hand.

Oh... thanks...


At Winterfell:

I’ve learned that I really dislike Theon when it comes to women.  I guess this sort of attitude was very common towards women back in those times, but it’s still gross.  Overall Theon seems like an okay guy, but put a woman in the same room with him and he turns into a sleazebag.  He’s one of those guys that likes to put someone lower than him in their place to make himself feel bigger.  Blech.  Anyways.  He tries to put the moves on Osha (the woman spared from the last episode), but Master Luwin intercedes in time.

Osha didn’t seem very threatened by it all, anyways.


Across the Narrow Sea:

Daenerys is shopping with her handmaidens, along with Jorah.  Jorah excuses himself to check his’ messages’, and we find out (if you didn’t put the pieces together already from earlier episodes) that Jorah has betrayed Dany to Lord Varys and traded her life for a pardon and the opportunity to return home.

He has a change of heart when he sees Danaerys about to drink the poison wine, and exposes the merchant for the assassin that he is.  The merchant makes a stupid move and tries to run: it honestly would have been better to just drink the poison.
Now honestly, I’ve been thinking this the whole time.  Robert was blinded by revenge, attempting to assassinate Danaerys was a very bad idea.  Not because she was a woman or whatever, but because as soon as an attempt was made on her life (successful or no), I knew Drogo would get pissed and take his army across the sea.  One of his advisors should have brought that side up.

Anyways, Drogo had no intention of going across the sea until she got attacked.  He then goes into a rage and declares war against Westeros and claim the Iron Throne for his son.

Note to self: Pissing off Khal Drogo is bad.



  • Man, Ned’s men are fairly inept fighters.  They all seem to die instantly.
  • Jason Momoa pulled off an excellent performance this episode with Khal Drogo’s rage fit.

What are your thoughts?  I’ll get up Episode 8 on Thursday.

NOTE: I’M SO BEHIND.  OH GAWD.  I’m literally typing up the other one as we speak, I hope to get Episode 7 done by tonight and up as well.  Episode 8 will go up Thursday.  I’ve been so slammed by finals… I take my last one tomorrow morning and then I’ll be FREEEEE.

Here’s What Happened:

At Winterfell:

Bran has the dream again about the wolf statue and the raven with the third eye.  In Hinduism and Buddhism, the the third eye is a symbol of enlightenment, or a higher consciousness.  It is associated with visions, clairvoyance, precognition, and out-of-body-experiences.  Since the raven rests on the statue on the dire wolf, I’m imagining he will develop a connection with the wolves of a supernatural nature.  To be honest, his character has to be given something.  If he loses his legs (and is to remain a prominent character), he has to gain something else to make up for it and to remain relevant.  Tyrion makes up for his small stature with his wit and cunning.  It only seems fair that Bran gets supernatural powers. 😛

Anyways, Bran wakes up to good news… his special saddle is ready!  For the first time ever since the accident, he’s smiling again.

I forgot how cute he was.

While this is going on, Theon and Robb have a discussion about war.  Theon is urging him to go to war, but Robb is reluctant.  Robb tells him to butt out because Theon does not belong to House Stark.  They had to be extremely oblivious, because Bran then manages to ride off alone while they are having their super seious conversation.

In the few minutes that Bran is alone, he manages to get attacked by a small group of what I’m guessing are hill tribe people.  Robb comes to the rescue (of course) and kills a good amount of them. (Are all Stark men bamfs?)  However, one of them manages to get Bran by the throat.  Robb puts his sword down, and then Theon shoots the man dead with an arrow from behind.  I don’t really care for Theon, but that was pretty cool.  Robb isn’t as impressed, and Theon points out that he saved both of their lives… even if it was risky.  The elder Stark doesn’t have much to say to that.  The woman begs for her life, and in the true Stark fashion, Robb lets her live.

Across the Narrow Sea:

In her tent, Dany is contemplating her dragons eggs and decides to put one in burning coals.  She then decides that it will be a good idea to pick it back up when it is burning hot.  Her maid rushes in stop her and gets burned.  However, Danaerys remains un-burned.

That night, Danaerys under goes a Dothraki ritual where she must eat the heart of a horse  (much to Vicerys’ disgust).  If she throws even a little bit of it up, it’s apparantely a bad omen for the child.  She almost does barf it up, but manages to keep it down.  This turns Khal Drogo on, and a prophecy is made:  she will have a son that is a conqueror who will rise to become Khal of all Khals.

Hey, baby.

Vicerys is a little freaked out by this and by the devotion these people have to her.  He sneaks off into her tent to steal the dragon eggs in order to buy ships for the army.  Jorah follows him however, and prevents him from leaving.  He comments that he will never have the kind of devotion that Danaerys has.

“Who can rule without wealth, or fear, or love?”

Well, maybe if you weren’t such a LITTLE SHIT, Vicerys.

Jorah is unswayed, and refuses to let him leave with the eggs.  Vicerys is forced leave without them.

Later on during the celebratory feast, Vicerys stumbles in drunk looking for Danaerys and his seat.  Drogo tells him that his seat is in the back of the room.  Tired of being shoved aside, he gets furious and takes a sword to Dany’s belly, demanding his crown.  Drogo replies in Dothraki, and Dany translates:  He will give him a golden crown that men will tremble to behold.

That’s all he ever wanted, so Vicerys lowers his sword.

And Drogo gives him a golden crown.

"He is no dragon. Fire cannot kill a dragon."


At the Eyrie:

At the Eyrie, Tyrion has a rude awakening of sorts.


He quickly backs to the other end, looking only SLIGHTLY disturbed.  Clearly having enough of it, he call for Mord to reason with him.  After several quite hilariously failed attempts, Tyrion manages to convince him to deliver a message to Lysa is return for payment.  After all, a Lannister always pays his debts.  The message?  Tyrion is ready to confess his crimes.

As usual, something is up his sleeve and when he is finally granted appearance in court, he begins recouting his various ‘crimes’ he committed as a child, such as stealing women’s clothing, etc.  Lysa didn’t find it as amusing as I did.  Tyrion then asks for a trial (as it’s law), and Lysa decides to have her son judge it. Seeing that this would somehow go ary for him, he demands a trial by comabt.  Bronn is a smart man, and sees that there is fair amount of gold in it for him, so he volunteers to be Tyrion’s champion.  I love this guy.

A champion steps up for Lysa and they fight, with the knight going on full offensive while Bronn merely dodges and puts obstacles in the knight’s way until the guy gets tired.  You know, because he’s smart.  He then quickly finishes him and tosses the knight out the hole to his doom.  Tyrion and Bronn cheerfully leave much to Catelyn’s dismay, and Mord gets paid.

At King’s Landing:

Ned wakes up in King’s Landing to a very unhappy looking Robert.  And a smug Cersei.  Cersei and Ned start spitting back and forth, but by this point Robert is pretty fed up with it.  Ned asks to bring Jaime to justice, and Cersei decides that she can’t hold her tongue anymore.

“I should wear the armor.  And you the gown.”

So he smacks her across the face.  Honestly, at this point I have no sympathy for her.  In fact, I enjoyed it a little bit…

Not quite as satisfying as when Tyrion smacked Joffrey around.

Robert tells Ned to end the conflict.  Ned begs for justice, but Robert won’t do anything as ‘half the kingdom is in debt’ to to the Lannisters. Eddard Stark then asks to return to Winterfell, but Robert won’t hear of that either.  He tells Ned that he wants him to stay, and gives him back the pin.  Robert tells him that he will stand in for him while he is off hunting.

Oh, Ned’s favorite.

Syrio and Arya are having another lesson, but Arya’s heart isn’t in it as her Father is hurt and she couldn’t give a shit.  Syrio isn’t having any of it.

“Trouble is perfect time for training.”

He makes a good point – fighting happens during bad times, not when one is happy and content.  He tells her to learn to control her troubles and not let it affect her fighting, rather than letting it distract her.

At the hunt, Renly finally lights into Robert and calls him out on what a shitty king he was and how there were never any ‘good times’, before stalking off.  (Someone is getting balls.  Insert joke here.)

Back in court where Ned is presiding, he listens to the pleas of a man whose village was ransacked and destroyed.  Not only that, but they left a sack of fish to add insult injury… which the sign of House Tully (as Littlefinger points out).  The man comments that the leader of the raiders took off the head of a horse in a fell swoop.

Hm… who do we know that likes to do that?

Oh... right.

Ever honorable, Ned declares Ser Gregor (the Mountain), a wanted man, and issues a command for Tywin to appear in court.  This is a very bold move on his part, but I have to say… it is not politically wise.

In other less important news, Joffrey acts all creepy again with Sansa, and she just eats it up.

Almost as nauseating as Bella and Edward. Almost.

I honestly can’t tell if Joffrey is being sincere or not, but he probably isn’t.  I guess Joffrey knows how to put on a good face.  I hope he’s mean to Sansa later.  That girl needs some naivete knocked out of her.

Later that night, Ned decides to send the girls back to Winterfell as he decides that too dangerous for them there.  (Well, duh.  I couldn’t figure out why he brought them along in the first place… he should know how treacherous that place is.)  Sansa is upset, and Ned tells her that she will find someone good, gentle and strong.  Sansa says she doesn’t WANT someone like that, she wants Joffrey.  I lol’d.  Arya just wants to bring Syrio along.

Sansa says that she  wants Joffrey’s golden haired babies, and things clicks things together in Ned’s mind (that I figured out last episode).  All the men in the Baratheon family are black of haired… except Joffrey and his siblings.


I personally loved this episode, things are really speeding up and getting really interesting.  The sword fight with Bronn was fantastic (as is any scene with Tyrion), and Vicerys finally getting what was coming to him was fantastic as well.

Some interesting finds:

I didn’t proofread this too carefully as I was trying to get it out quickly, so let me know if there were any errors.




GET IT?  ‘Cause her last name.  Is Hathaway.


Grey is doing an EOTD contest based off of this outfit that Anne Hathaway wore:

I LOVE THIS DRESS!  I was immediately inspired to do a look.  Since I was already going to do an EOTD today anyways, I decided to submit it as an entry to the contest.  I really like the results!


Geek Chic Cosmetics

Solid Snake

Galactically Banned Ale


Companion Cube

Purity Burns

Inevitable Betrayal

Mascara is Maybelline’s ‘The Falsies’ in the Blackest Black.


Geek Chic


Too Faced

Amazing Face Liquid Foundation (Warm Vanilla)

Meow Cosmetics

Kitty Love (Blush)


Too Faced

Mirror Shine Lip Gloss (I Love Myself)

Girls Dig Pearls (Tropical Pink)


In other news, I also took a couple pics of a couple things I picked up yesterday while I was out:

The purse matches the cat.


Hump Day: 6/1/2011

Hooray! I finally got this out.  I was also at Nordstrom Rack today, and while the clothing prices were not that good, there was a small shelf of Too Faced stuff at awesome prices.  I got two lip glosses: Mirror Shine in ‘I Love Myself’ and Girls Dig Pearls in ‘Tropical Pink’.  I dig them, so I’ll probably do a review with some swatches this week.  Yay!

Got the first half of my finals done today… 97/100.  I can live with that.

I’ll do my EOTW look tomorrow… got too late, and I’m exhausted.

Song of the Week:

Yes, more Adele.  Because she’s amazing.  This is probably my favorite song on the album now… someday I’ll get around to doing a review of it, but it’s genius.

Video of the Week:

This is the straightest thing I’ve ever seen.


Product of the Week:


This stuff is amazing.  Honestly, I love the ‘Yes to…’ brand so far, I haven’t been disappointed by anything yet.  The cucumber wipes are probably my favorite product from them, but this shampoo gets special mention this week as it is one of the first shampoos I’ve ever tried that actually works for me for an extended period of time.  Usually my hair ‘gets used’ to the shampoo, and stops working… and my hair gets all oily.  But I’ve been using this stuff for 2+ months now, and I haven’t had that happen.

I also don’t like to buy any products that have been tested on animals, or buy from a company that tests on animals period.  To the best of my knowledge, they don’t.  (That means buying the expensive detergent and stuff from the organic section, LOL. 😦 )

Gaming, Etc:

  • For those who aren’t on my Facebook, I am now on a ‘No Buy’ for video games.  I have about 8-10 games that I haven’t beaten yet… so I’m going to beat them before I get a new game.  (Except for OoT 3D, of course.  I can’t not get that game.)  This is unfortunate, because one of my friend’s has L.A. Noire, and I got to try it out the other day… and it’s ridiculously fun.  I only got to do a couple cases, but I enjoyed it.  I’m hilariously bad at driving.
  • On THAT note, I’m finally making my way through The Witcher.  I’m unsure as to how I feel about it yet.  I need to get farther in.  The english voice acting is pretty terrible ( I switched it to Polish, the original language), and the combat system is clunky, from what I’ve heard from friends is that the story more than makes up for it.  We’ll see!
  • I’m also playing through Dragon Age 2.  Yes, again.  How can I resist this face?


  • I’m a bit late on the wagon, but if you want to donate to Japan relief efforts, there is a pretty cool way to do: Cosplay for a Cause.  A bunch of well known Cosplayers got together and put together a 2012 caldender: 100% of the proceeds go to the Japanese Red Cross Society.  You can pre-order it now for 17.99.

I seem to be putting a LoZ image in these posts every week.

(By TsaoShin on DA.)


  • Since all of my favorite shows have ended, there really isn’t anything interesting on TV to me right now, besides GoT.  And that is ending soon.  Trueblood starts June 26th however, and I’m pretty excited about that.  I’ve read all the books, and I know what’s coming. 😀  It’s a great book, let’s just say.  I hope they stick somewhat close to it in certain parts. 😉  Other than that, I’ve saved Supernatural to watch this summer.  And I may finish Being HumanAny other good shows that you guys recommend?   I needz new blood!
  • Movies wise, this summer is shaping up to look pretty good.  I’m excited for X-Men: First Class.  I have a bunch of movies I need to catch up on, I still haven’t seen the newest Harry Potter movie.

That’s it for this week!  But I have a lot of stuff planned!  MANY WHELPS! HANDLE IT!